The origins:
The origins: The term “metallomics” was coined by Haraguchi to denote the ensemble of research activities related to metals of biological interest [1]. The object of studies is the “metallome”, the term introduced by Williams who referred to it as an element distribution, equilibrium concentrations of free metal ions, or as a free element content in a cellular compartment, cell, or organism [2]. The latter would, therefore, be characterized not only by its genome or proteome but also by the metallome, their inorganic complement. The correlation between the metallome and genome was also the key concept of “ionomics” introduced by Salt et al. [3]. Szpunar proposed an extension of  “metallome” to the entirety of metal and metalloid species present in a cell or tissue type and metal addressing metals in proteomics and metabolomics [4]. In 2004 Jakubowski et al. published the first collection of papers on metals and –omics consolidating the fundaments of metallomics as a new research field [5].

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The Journal: 
In 2009 Royal Society of Chemistry launched Metallomics as a monthly peer-reviewed scientific journal covering the research field of metallomics. The founding meeting was held in 2008 hoisted by (the late) Prof. Joseph Caruso, the University of Cincinnati who became the first Editor of the journal. The members of the first Editorial Board were: A. Anbar, J. Caruso, H. Haraguchi, G. Hieftje, T. O’Halloran, R. Lobinski, D. Salt, B. Sarkar, and H.Z. Sun

The IUPAC definition:
In 2010 the International Union of Pure and Applied Chemistry (IUPAC) defined  metallomics as “Study of the metallome, interactions, and functional connections of metal ions and other metal species with genes, proteins, metabolites, and other biomolecules in biological systems” where the term “metallome” denoted “Entirety of metal- and metalloid species* present in a biological system, defined as to their identity and/or quantity”, the definitions accompanied by an extensive set of notes.

Further reading:
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